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My photojournalistic approach to wedding photography allows you to go behind-the-scenes of your own wedding.

When your dad sneaks over and cuts himself a slice from your wedding cake, or the exact moment your future spouse realizes 'OH NO I FORGOT THE RING!', or your uncle rips his pants right before the ceremony so your wedding planner has to sew him up, I promise you that I am right there catching it all with my camera. There are more to weddings than just portraits, there are stories.

That is the kind of beauty I’m not afraid to capture as a documentary-style wedding photographer: real people, real life, and real love. 

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If you’re the kind of couple who considers your wedding day to be as much about your friends and family as it is about yourselves; if you know you can’t be everywhere at once but you don’t want to miss a moment; if you care more about remembering feelings, energy and moments than the “perfect shot,” then you are going to love my work. 

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What CLients Are Saying

- andrew

“Erica takes some of the most stunning photos I have ever seen. Her photos have a way of telling stories that words can’t match. Her action shots capture the emotion and beauty in moments that others would not expect to find, or know where to look.”

About the Documentarian

Most wedding photographers capture the same gorgeous photos of the same gorgeous couples at the same gorgeous venues. But I’m not most wedding photographers.

As a documentary photographer and former photojournalist, I bring a storytelling energy to my work, looking for what makes your wedding different from all the rest. You will not find the “same old, same old” in any of my galleries.

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