I woke up at 5am.
The sun wasn't even up yet and I didn't want to be up either. I forced my eyes shut but my mind drifted through different lighting scenarios and posing and reflected on past weddings and I realized, nope, I wasn't fooling my brain into falling asleep. 

I moved to the couch that was next to the window and watched as the sunrise quietly breathed life into Taipei. It was dark outside when we arrived at the hotel the night before, and now I could see the ceremony site in the courtyard of the Grand Hyatt Hotel from one window, and the gorgeous teal-colored Taipei 101 tower from another. The higher the sun began to rise, the more my anxiety began to grow. I was nervous and excited and nervousandexcited. Here I was, halfway across the world and about to shoot an amazing wedding. I couldn't sit still any more--I had to get up and move!

"I've got ants in my pants!" I told Steve. He replied, "That just means you'll have a good day of shooting." 

He was right. We did.

It had been raining for weeks prior to Sabrina and Aaron's wedding ceremony day and I could tell that it was beginning to have a significant effect on local morale--the persistent bad weather was usually the first topic that was brought up after a greeting--so to have clear blue skies for the outdoor ceremony was an element that brought even greater joy to their wedding day celebration. 

Sabrina's color story for the day was a mix of mint green, grays, with a punch of sunshine yellow. I loved the way she incorporated succulents into her day: her bouquet and boutonnière designed by her friend Lilyciao (such a lovely way to keep it personal!), in mason jars that hung on wooden chairs along the aisle, and in huge boughs on her asymmetrical-styled arch styled by DCT Wedding. She kept guests busy with a super cute polaroid photo station and made sure everyone was satisfied with a sweet punch and dainty foods (check out the mini black salmon cake sandwiches!! So cool!) catered by Rain Main Boulangerie Bistro. Her hair and makeup was on point thanks to the amazing talent of Jeanie Huang of Jeanie.H Wedding-Makeup & Hairstyle Studio, who would later join us on the portraits day which can be seen here and here (aka, best day of my life). And--be still my heart--her gown which was provided by Champagne.Lace added the perfect touch of chic elegance with it's sheer and lace details. 

Vendor List:
Photography: Erica and Steven Dietz 

Event Planning and Design: DCT Wedding/@DCTWEDDING (Instagram) 

Makeup and Hair: Jeanie.H Wedding • Makeup & Hairstyle Studio

Catering: Rain man Boulangerie Bistro

Dress: Champagne.Lace

Bouquet and Boutonniere: Lilyciao

Venue: Grand Hyatt of Taipei