I get all the fun clients!

Kaitlin and Alex are getting married in two days so I wanted to make sure I featured their engagement session that I shot during the winter. They wanted to do half of their session with a rustic theme at their wedding venue at the fabulous Lingrow Farm, and the second half they had a color powder battle on property belonging to their aunt LuAnn Cibik's property where she teaches feng shui classes and offers soul coaching called Inner Harmony.

Oh hell yes! A color fight!  

Kaitlin made several batches of colored powder and threw/hurled/and smashed color on each other while a class of students learned about creating harmony and balance was watching from a distance. The irony was not lost on me.

The best photos of the session, in my opinion, came after the fight when I saw that the powder had completely covered the snowy ground. It was beautiful--almost celestial-- so of course I asked my couple to lay down in the snow in their tshirts. 

Yes, I get all the fun couples.