A little throwback to last year to the photo that I made that ran for the annual 4th of July assignment at the Valley News Dispatch/Trib Total Media.

Being that I worked the evening shift (aka, "the night guy"), this had been my assignment for 5 years and one that I looked forward to every year. It's a stressful assignment--it's dark as hell, you only have 5 minutes to make a creative exposure with long firework trails, and then you have to hustle back to beat deadline. I'll be honest, there's a reason why I'm not showing my early photos. I struggled. But like everything else, practice makes perfect. 

Alana Wisnick, 2, tries to get even closer to the fireworks while sitting on the shoulders of her step-father Jordan Nesbit, both of Fawn Township, during the Tarentum Community Fireworks Celebration at Dreshar Stadium in Tarentum on Friday, July 3, 2015. Alana's mother, Trenece Wisnick, was also in attendance.