They say your vibe attracts your tribe. 

This couldn't have been more true for Nechama, Scott, and I. I met Nechama and Scott back in the summertime while I was

who just happened to be at Churn at the same time, who also just happened to be engaged too, and also just happened to be looking for a photographer for their wedding too. Just as I was about to order a Nutella and Oreo arctic swirl, they asked me if I could sit down and chat with them too. I said "Heck yes" and took a seat. They said, "It's in Florida." I said, "HECK YES!"

As we got to know each other, the more it became clear to me that Nechama and Scott are the true blue, best type of people. We have a lot of similar interests--including the ability to recite the first 12 digits of pi (even though Scott knows the first 50 or so, which you can see a proof in one of the photos below) and the same offbeat sense of humor. My favorite part of the meeting was learning that Scott was a professional juggler. Yeah right. I said, "Oh yeah? Prove it. Juggle something right now!" And he promptly retrieved his backpack and pulled out 3 bright orange juggling balls and started juggling right there in the middle of the cafe. And I promptly picked my jaw up from the floor. Well played, sir.

It was important to Nechama and Scott to be photographed amongst plants (of course, because the best type of people love plants!), and also to somehow incorporate their love of books and knowledge. So, we made plans to meet in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh where we shot at Panther Hollow near Schenley Park, Phipps Conservancy, and then finished the shoot at the Cathedral of Learning. 

Nechama and Scott, I am so, so grateful that our paths crossed. I cannot wait to photograph your wedding next week, and I cannot wait to connect again when we return.

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