Clear your schedules, folks.
This is a good one.

Lifestyle photography refers to documenting a typical "day in the life" of a family in a beautiful way. The idea is to look back on these days in 40 years and be able to remember that moment as it truly was. Whenever I look at photos of myself from when I was a child, I am immediately transported to that moment: the emotions that I felt, or remembering a popular song, or the smell of my favorite foods in the kitchen, or the way a blanket felt, whatever was happening in *that* moment.

These details are all part of the human experience.

As a photographer, I want document and share those experiences for you. As a photojournalist, I want to experience these things *WITH* you and your family. 

I worked with Mandy to create a plan for her session, and she choose a few of their favorite activities to do as a family in their Pittsburgh home: read books, bake a delicious strawberry dessert from scratch (IT WAS DELICIOUS thank you Joe), and let Milo play with the hose in the yard. Plus, whatever it was that Milo wanted to do! She also requested a relaxed portrait or two as she was pregnant at the time with the sweet Miss Cora Jane.

Hell. Yes. 

The beautiful thing about family lifestyle photography and especially photographing young children is that I cannot pose them. The only thing to do is try to stay one step ahead of them, if not then straight up chase after them. This was absolutely true for Milo, who they lovingly nicknamed "Milo Tornado". I mean, look at his expression in the first photo! I knew this would be a run-and-chase session (my favorite kind!) but after seeing this mischievous little bad ass waiting to greet me as I walked up to their home, I knew that it was gonna be game. on.

Mandy, Joe, Milo, (and you too Cora Jane!) thank you for inviting me into your home. Your family is beautiful and I can't wait to get together again.