True story!

Last night I was scrolling through Keira and Steve's summery Pittsburgh engagement session that we shot back in July and I was smiling as I was reliving all the best moments that I had forgotten about: Keira's perfect white sundress, Steve's charming smile, and then suddenly I saw a COMPLETELY RANDOM photo of an almost naked middle-aged man getting a suntan in his lawnchair while smoking a stogie right in the middle of Keira and Steve's engagement session. I laughed and laughed. I had totally forgotten about this guy but after seeing the photo, I remembered the way he shamelessly presented himself right in the middle of the park was enough to break the ice during my engagement session with Keira and Steve and how we laughed and laughed about it. And then I thought, 'Yes, this is definitely something that I would shoot.'

One of the things that I preach when meeting with my brides and grooms is that as a wedding photojournalist, I will document your wedding day. I promise to photograph the good, the bad, and the ugly! Because the good and the bad are all things that tell the story of your day.

So when we are shooting your engagement session and we see a man wearing nothing but shorts and sunglasses, smoking a stogie, and sitting in a lawn chair to catch some sun on the North Shore, we will have a great laugh, and then I am going to shoot a picture of it and include it in your gallery. That's what happens when you book Erica Dietz Photography. You get candid photos of you and your loved one as you celebrate a huge milestone celebration in your life, and sometimes you get a picture of an almost naked guy tanning in a lawn chair while smoking a stogie AND LIVING HIS BEST LIFE like Keira and Steve did. Why?? Because I shoot everything--the good, the bad, and the ugly. And yes, I included the photo in the session below.

Keira and Steve, you are both my favorite type of people and I cannot wait to photograph your wedding on Saturday. And always remember to live your best life--no matter what!