We. Are. Fam-i-ly!

I love photographing weddings for my family--especially the folks who are already familiar with Steve's unapologetic "gotta get in there" approach--because they're expecting us to get in there and do anything for the shot. One of the things that stood out to me for Sarah and Justin's Armstrong Farms wedding was that I was able to casually weave in and out amongst the rows of guests during their outdoor ceremony. I love the freedom that comes from shooting an outdoor wedding (as opposed to a restricted Catholic church), and their officiant (one of my favorites!) Larry Goyda brought another endearing level of casual approachability to their ceremony. I knew that the guests would understand and appreciate our wanderings as not only professional photographers, but also as guests for our cousin Justin's marriage to sweet Sarah.

Sarah, you looked STUNNING in your blush gown!! Every time I hear a song from RENT, I smile and think of you and your bridesmaids singing at the tops of their lungs as you got your hair and makeup done. Your florals--gorgeous. Your cake--scrumptious. Knowing that you have a history of dancing, it was no surprise that you picked MobileMIX Entertainment to keep the party going!

And any wedding where the bride and groom's first dance is "Smother Me" by The Used gets a special place in my heart! Yes I loved The Used when I was in college! I've been listening to their albums nonstop for the past few days--ah memories.

Vendor love:
Photographer: Erica Dietz Photography
Catering: Dr. Sous Custom Catering (special thanks to Kari)
Bartending: Rays Last Call
Officiant: Larry Goyda
Bakery: Lincoln Bakery
Florals: Pisarcik Greenhouse
Decor: Eventioneers