Happy 4 year anniversary to Cecelia and Gabe!

All of my past brides will recognize this wedding as this is the wedding that I use as my "what to expect from your wedding images" wedding that I showcase when I meet with prospective clients. I also have a few images on my website! But I never actually got around to blogging this gem. Since today they are celebrating 4 years of marriage, I thought this would be a great time to feature it in my blog. It's also time to retire this as my showcase wedding as it is now... 4 years old. 

Why do I love this wedding so much? It's a Florida wedding (yes I shoot destination weddings! Ask me about my travel rates! Get me out of Pittsburgh!) but mostly because there are so many emotionally-rich moments that are just classic. Everyone should know me well enough by now to know that I love when people cry (happy tears) at weddings. I love it. I get so excited when I see people dab their eyes and struggle and ultimately fail to hold back their emotions. Whether it's the bride, groom, parent, neighbor whomever! What a beautiful way to express how much you love someone. Both Cecelia and Gabe's mothers gave me so many great tear-filled and emotional moments. This wedding also had a lot of genuine hilarious moments, too! Don't be fooled by the classic gowns and tuxedos! This couple and their bridal party knows how to have a fun time. Make sure to check out the trolley scenes and the reception! It's been 4 years and I still haven't seen such a rockin party.

I'm drawn to photographing emotion because it's a way to connect with each other and share the human experience. And also because it's a challenge! I have to be observant all the time and super stealth because as soon as I bring the camera up to my eye, people become embarrassed for being vulnerable and I get the stink eye. So the trick is to keep my head on a swivel and know when it's the perfect time to shoot the picture. 

Cecelia and Gabe, thank you for trusting me with photographing this milestone in your lives. Happy anniversary!

Vendor love:
Photographer: Erica Dietz Photography
Florist: Flowers by Fudgie
Pastries: Angelo's Italian Market & Restaurant
DJ: Fitz at Jay Goodley Entertainment
Ceremony: St. Michael the Archangel on Siesta Key
Reception: Sarasota Yacht Club