Life is short. Make it weird.

And quirky. And fun. And have random dance parties in the grungey alleyways in Pittsburgh's Strip District. And let me photograph it! Because Andje's high school senior portrait session was the weirdest, quirkiest, most fun I've ever had while photographing high school senior portraits. When I photograph senior portraits, I usually have to work to get to know my young clients. Sometimes I say or do stupid things to gain their trust and feel comfortable around me. 


I was struggling to keep up with her robust personality. This meant that I was no longer in control of the photoshoot in the most beautiful way possible. This time, I was the one who was pushed out of her comfort zone. Our shoot consisted of Andje being 100% unapologetically herself and me just trying to keep up and laughing the entire time. This was also the first (and likely last) time that I had to ask someone to "dial it back" hahaha. 

It was "The Andje Show" and I had a front row seat.

I always say that I try to capture someone's personality in photos, and I can CONFIDENTLY say that I captured Andje in these photos.

Andje, you are wicked smart, sophisticated, and you're crazy beautiful. Thanks for being you.