I felt comfortable around Jamie and Bill from the very beginning.  Why?  Not only because they are genuinely wonderful people, but also because she's a nurse and he drives an ambulance.  And trust me, if there was ever a time I was more appreciative to have a nurse and an EMT around me, it was while I was shuffling along 2 inches of ice-covered concrete while shooting their engagement photos in February.  I told myself that if I was going down, all I had to worry about was curling up in a ball around my gear and that Jamie and Bill would come to my rescue!  Besides, Station Square was where they had their first date, so I was determined to come back with some really great images.

The ice handicapped my ability to shoot from different directions, but it also forced me to think critically about my compositions and different ways that I could creatively make a variety of pictures from a single (safe) zone.  How many different pictures can be made from shooting in one direction?  What would the same pose look like on a totally different lens?  What would it look like if I went from shooting at 17mm to 200mm (like I did during the blue bridge series in the middle of the post)?  How would a photo change by using creative crops?  I welcomed the challenge of thinking ahead to the final picture before I moved to a different location.  Would the image be worth it if I slipped and fell and broke my legs trying to get to a different spot?  There was little room for trial and error (and broken legs)!

Luckily for me, Jamie and Bill were really easy to photograph.  Aside from the occasional "Do you want me to hold your cameras... maybe I should take your bag...", they were completely focused on each other!  They showed each other the same amount of affection regardless of my distance, whether I was on the other side of the bridge or right next to them on the bench.  It's not easy to let your guard down and be photographed, but Jamie and Bill had fun with it and I really enjoyed spending time with them.

Thanks guys!  See you in August!