'Cause I'm what you wanted and you're what I need
So let's meet in between
We're gonna be the greatest love story this town has ever seen
We're gonna be the greatest love story this world has ever seen
So baby say yes to me

I know I say this all the time but I always try to befriend with my clients--especially my brides--so that I can gain their trust. And when the wedding day comes, I can document them in their most natural state. The friendships rarely last beyond the wedding, but my friendship with Haley is still going strong. How could it not! As soon we we met for her consultation, we became instant friends. Anyone who can quote Mean Girls is instantly my new friend, but Haley was different. We meet for dinner all the time and we text on the regular. She drove Roxie and I back and forth after Rox's surgery, and she even knows when I'm being overly sensitive to Roxie and reassures me that everything will be okay (you were right!). I am forever grateful for Haley and I loved being a part of her wedding day.

Haley, you're beautiful.

Enjoy a selection of my favorite images from your wedding. Several of the photos were taken by my second photographer Tye Cypher.

Featured vendors--
Second shooter: Tye Cypher
Venue: Armstrong Farms
DJ/Video: Pifemaster Productions
Catering: Stephen's Kitchen
Florals: BurlapAndLacePlace
Cake: Haley's aunt :)