After a second day at Cabo San Lucas, we sailed to Puerto Vallarta overnight and woke up to palm trees and mountains.  Unbelievable.  We had all day to spend there, but by this time Steven and I were both tired of hauling a camera around (sorry folks) so I only have a few images to share.  Enjoy!

Steve shot this image of an old fisherman's boat.  Such great texture, and I love the use of primary colors.

He shot this one, too.  I love this!  These belong to one of the local artists who was selling homemade paper canvases.  We totally bought one.

This next one is for my dad!  It's a Jeep thing.

Shops were lined up all along the coast.  There must have been several ships at port that day-the stores were completely packed with travelers.  It

Hey check it out, it's The Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe!