After a tremendously exciting day at Cabo San Lucas (check here too!), Steve, his sister (Amy), and her husband (Chad), and the rest of the cruisers spent the day at La Paz, the capital city of the Mexican state of Baja California.  We took a bus into the city while our guide gave us a history of the old city.  Unfortunately for you, readers, I had him totally tuned out because I was too busy talking to Amy and looking out the window, taking in the Mexican desert.   I have priorities, sorry!  I think he caught on and started quizzing us on how many Spanish words we knew.

The streets were lined up with micro-businesses, everything from tailors to dentists to residences, and everything was painted in bright hues.  The storefronts were the size of modest apartments, and it was not uncommon to peek inside to see the owner quietly staring right back at you, or to walk past a business with bars covering the windows.  Not rude, but not friendly.  You knew you couldn't talk to them, and they knew they couldn't talk to you either.

This next photo is Steven's shot.  Love this!

I'm a sucker for great textures.

Another one of Steve's photos, I love this one too!

Look, it's Our Lady of La Paz Cathedral!  So beautiful

Stay tuned....