I always look forward to being able to photograph a wedding or engagement session for couples that I already know.  It is easier for the couple to let their guard down and act naturally if, for example, we all grew up together and went to the same high school.  Alison, Sean, and I each graduated from the same high school, so I already knew a little bit about who they were and their history together, which made it easier for me to suggest poses and a location for their engagement session that actually complimented the couples' personality.  Keeping their background history in mind, I suggested the possibility of doing an engagement session in an urban location, as opposed to a rural, scenic location.  Not that there is anything wrong with that--that's not their style, that's not who they were.  I realize I already discussed this in a previous post, but the location of an engagement session is an important part of an engagement session.  When couples ask me to suggest potential locations, I suggest naming a place that actually means something to you.  Where did you have your first date?  Where did he propose?  Would you rather spend your free time going for a walk in the park or a walk through downtown?  Alison's response: "We are from Maryland now, and we really would enjoy pictures that say where we are today rather than where we once were!"  Beautiful!  Wonderful!  Perfect answer!  So, we picked a weekend that both Steven and I were both free to travel down to Inner Harbor, Maryland and made a weekend trip out of it.  Alison, Sean, Steven and I started the session at the National Aquarium and simply walked around, scoping out interesting patterns and unique framing opportunities.  For most photographers, being placed in an unfamiliar environment would be stressful and intimidating.  Since Steven and I are both working photojournalists we get sent to unfamiliar locations on a regular basis, so we were able to shoot quickly and effectively without the pressure of an impeding same-day deadline*!  Enjoy a selection of my favorite images from the day!

While I was shooting from the side on my wide angle lens...

...Steven was standing from a distance, shooting from a longer lens to capture this candid moment.

We came across the USS Torsk, which had so much character that we just had to explore it further!  This was my angle...

...and this was Steven's view.  I love this shot!


*Note: see if you can find The Examiner in the background of one of the images!  Love it!