Wedding meetings typically last about an hour.  But when I met with Mary, one hour quickly turned into two.  By the end of the meeting, I felt like I had known Mary for years, not minutes!  When the day came to photograph her wedding, it became clear to me that Mary was like that with everyone.  She is just one of those rare types of people that genuinely wants to get to know you better, be your friend, and share her favorite bread recipe. :)

It was a beautiful day and an even more beautiful ceremony held at the Springwood Conference Center in Verona, Pa.  I had my second photographer, Tracy Stake, with me for the day and together we were able to document the marriage of Mary and Michael.  One of the things that I really enjoyed about this wedding was the attention given to detail.  There was a lot of time invested in making this wedding special and unique, so I wanted to make sure that Tracy and I invested a little extra time in documenting those details.  Best wishes, Mary and Michael!

This next image was snapped by Tracy who was positioned in the back while I was positioned near the alter.  How wonderful is this moment?

Mary had requested that I document the moment that Michael first saw her as she was coming down the aisle.  So while I was photographing him...

Tracy was able to catch Mary's reaction to seeing Michael for the first time.  Nicely done, Tracy!