I had the opportunity to travel to Europe with my classmates (and best friends) my junior year of high school. We were in England for three days and Paris for four. At that time, I was shooting on a regular point-and-shoot camera, not having a clue on how to shoot or what to look for; my style was pure, I was able to shoot anything that satisfied me.

As I look at them now, almost a decade later, I am surprised by how little my style of shooting has changed! I use a lot of the same styles of compositions in my photos to this day-using lines to lead in to the photo, unusual crops, use of negative/dead space, and, most importantly, an early attempt at playing with light and shadows. At first the idea that my style hasn't evolved was slightly embarrassing, but the feelings have settled into a feeling of reassurance that maybe I have chosen the right path afterall. It's so strange to me, how could I have seen basic compositions in the same way that I see them now? Is having "an eye for it" something learned, or is it some type of artistic instinct?