Becca and Ben's Wintery Country Club Wedding in Indiana, PA

I love when wedding clients intentionally hire me for my documentary-style photography vision. Becca and Ben were no different! 

When I arrived to photograph Becca and her ladies as they prepped and dressed for the wedding, Becca apologized for the hyper-colorful murals in the Sunday School room. Then she quickly followed up with, "But I bet you like this don't you!" Yes! I was all about it. This is how the room looked, this was real life. Some photographers would have cringed, but not me. I prefer to be different. I loved the way the animals smiled down on everyone as they finished their hair and makeup. But my goodness, look at that sanctuary! So moody, so good. One of my favorite photos was taken after everyone had left except for me and my second shooter Lou because we were packing up our gear. I saw a church worker extinguishing the aisle candles one by one. It struck me as amusing to see someone in regular clothes doing this task, surrounded by the ornate church and the remaining wedding bows, I just had to shoot a photo of it. Real life. As my favorite photojournalists like to say, "Show up early and stay late." I stayed late, and made that image.

And you can't have a wedding in Indiana, PA without hitting Vinegar Hill, aka "The Jimmy Stewart Steps". Oh and don't forget about Philly Street in downtown Indiana! It was so beautifully lit up. Of course, I am biased because that's where I grew up. As always, the Indiana Country Club was decorated so perfectly! And did you see that donut cake?? I photographed their rings on a donut because DONUTS!

Becca, you looked beautiful! That dress was made just for you. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your day.

Vendor love:
Photographer - Erica Dietz Photography
Second Photographer - Lou Ruediger Photography
Reception Venue - Indiana Country Club
Gown Designer - Stella York
Bridal Shop - White Lace Bridal
Florist - Flower Gallery
Cake Baker - Margie McCullough
Donuts - Giant Eagle
Videographer - Erik Puskar
Make up - Bella Spa
Hair - Leann Knapik of The Hair Studio
Suits - The 700 Shop



Kendy and Joe's St. Vincent Basilica and Chestnut Ridge Inn Blairsville, PA Wedding


I know I say this all the time...
...but this was one of my favorite weddings from 2017. 

You might remember Kendy and Joe from one of my favorite engagement sessions (view those images here) at Mellon Park and a parking garage rooftop in downtown Pittsburgh, PA. Kendy and I hit it off immediately as we quoted movies, professed our love for dogs, and our self-deprecating humor. So it was no surprise that her wedding rolled the same way.

Kendy is the second (or third? I lost track) bride that I photographed within the same circle of friends. I LOVE when that happens! I am so grateful for referrals and it's so gratifying to see my former and future brides at weddings. It's like hitting the wedding photographer jackpot because good people attract more good people. And these are some really good people.

Kendy, if we went to a Halloween party dressed as Batman and Robin, I’d go as Robin. That’s how much you mean to me.

Special shoutout to my second shooter/work bestie Pamela Marie who photographed this wedding while 8 months pregnant. For the record: I gave her the option to decline working this wedding (I'm not that mean) but she wanted to work it. She even climbed a tree AND the back of a golf cart. Bravo Pamela! Her images are scattered in the post below. 

Vendor love:
Photographer - Erica Dietz Photography
Second Photographer - Pamela of Pamela Anticole
Ceremony - St. Vincent Basilica
Reception - Chestnut Ridge Inn
Photo booth - Stephanie Crooks of Pittsburgh Prestige Photo Booth
Hair - Amanda Bossi, Live Salon
Make up - Danielle Mock, Mock Makeup
Videographer - Captured Memories by Allison
Wedding dress designer - Hayley Paige
Wedding dress store - Bridal Beginning
Bridesmaid dresses - Christina Wu
Bridesmaid dress store - The Exquisite Bride
Florals - Flower Boutique



Lindsey and Austin's Industrial Chic Washington DC Engagement Session

I've known Lindsey for my entire life, and I know she has an impeccable sense of style. So when she asked if I would make the trip down to Washington, DC to photograph her wedding and engagement session, my heart practically skipped a beat. I KNEW it would be a treat. She described her vision for the shoot as wanting something industrial and I said "Yes, please!" 

Her fiance` Austin was granted access inside the Washington Coliseum, formerly Uline Arena, which was the site of the first concert that The Beatles played in the United States. The building was being renovated into an REI, and it was during mid-construction that we met to shoot their industrial DC engagement session. It was incredible. Their second location was at the most charming shopping district in historic Georgetown. I absolutely loved the cobblestones and ivy wall, and the industrial walkway that framed them perfectly. Both locations complimented their personalities.

I must say, Lindsey, that my expectations for this shoot were high, and you and Austin far exceeded those expectations. This makes me sooo excited to photograph your wedding in downtown Washington DC this summer! I love destination weddings that let me travel outside of Pittsburgh.


Whitney and Chad's Armstrong Farms Wedding in Saxonburg, PA


Whitney and Chad are one of those couples that fall into each other so easily, so beautifully. And I can't blame them! Chad is such a great guy, and Whitney has the type of personality that makes you feel soooo happy just being around her. It became clear to me that EVERYONE feels that way around her when I saw how much her father struggled when he gave her away at the start of the ceremony. I could see how crushed he felt as he walked away from her--be sure to check those photos below!

Seeing them together just feels so right. Just look at that gorgeous night shot of the two of them together! There were quite a few other people standing around watching me work the shot, but you can't even tell because they're so focused on each other. What an incredible wedding they had at the Armstrong Farms Fieldstone barn located in Saxonburg, PA! It's one of my favorite wedding venues and I feel so fortunate to live only a few miles away. The wedding coordinator makes a brief appearance in one of the photos below as she escorted us in the gator to the top of the hill on the property. Special shout out to my second shooter Jason Swanson for staying a step ahead of me all day and holding my gear as we raced up the hill! A few of his photos are included below--including the sweet moment of Whitney and her father sharing a quiet moment before walking down the aisle.

Vendor love: 
Photographer: Erica Dietz Photography
Second photographer: Jason Swanson Swan Photographic
Venue: Armstrong Farms Fieldstone
DJ: Red Hot Chameleon
Catering: Stevens Kitchen
Cake: Patti Cakes

Autumn and Jeremy's Greensburg, PA Wedding

It was the first day of fall when Jeremy and Autumn got married. The ladies prepped at Autumn and Jeremy's home in Greensburg, had a beautiful and memorable ceremony at the Westmoreland Museum of American Art, and finished their day with a reception at Bell's Banquets.

Jeremy and Autumn ended up being one of the more emotional weddings that I photographed this year. And as you know by know, readers, I love when people cry at weddings. One of the highlights of their wedding day was when Autumn's twin sister and maid of honor, Carly, began her speech, but became too emotional and couldn't hold her tears back so she abruptly ended it by sitting down. Another highlight was the speech given by Jeremy's best man, Aaron, who gave the most fantastic quote "Yesterday was the first day of fall, but for Jeremy, today is the first day of Autumn." Well said, Aaron.

There are lots of familiar faces below for all you Homer-Center alum! I'll be forever grateful for my Homer City weddings--much love to you all.

Autumn, my goodness you look absolutely beautiful. Congratulations to you and Jeremy! 

PS: there's 2 bonus selfie photos in here too!

Vendor love-
Transportation: Magnum Bus Transport
Ceremony: Westmoreland Museum of American Art
Reception: Bell's Banquets
Florist: Flo's Floral
Cake: Jaclyn Laroue
DJ: Westmoreland Sound
Gown designer: Jewel
Tux: Men's Wearhouse

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Nechama and Scott's Oakland Pittsburgh Engagement Session

They say your vibe attracts your tribe. 

This couldn't have been more true for Nechama, Scott, and I. I met Nechama and Scott back in the summertime while I was

who just happened to be at Churn at the same time, who also just happened to be engaged too, and also just happened to be looking for a photographer for their wedding too. Just as I was about to order a Nutella and Oreo arctic swirl, they asked me if I could sit down and chat with them too. I said "Heck yes" and took a seat. They said, "It's in Florida." I said, "HECK YES!"

As we got to know each other, the more it became clear to me that Nechama and Scott are the true blue, best type of people. We have a lot of similar interests--including the ability to recite the first 12 digits of pi (even though Scott knows the first 50 or so, which you can see a proof in one of the photos below) and the same offbeat sense of humor. My favorite part of the meeting was learning that Scott was a professional juggler. Yeah right. I said, "Oh yeah? Prove it. Juggle something right now!" And he promptly retrieved his backpack and pulled out 3 bright orange juggling balls and started juggling right there in the middle of the cafe. And I promptly picked my jaw up from the floor. Well played, sir.

It was important to Nechama and Scott to be photographed amongst plants (of course, because the best type of people love plants!), and also to somehow incorporate their love of books and knowledge. So, we made plans to meet in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh where we shot at Panther Hollow near Schenley Park, Phipps Conservancy, and then finished the shoot at the Cathedral of Learning. 

Nechama and Scott, I am so, so grateful that our paths crossed. I cannot wait to photograph your wedding next week, and I cannot wait to connect again when we return.

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Cecelia and Gabe's Sarasota Yacht Club Wedding

Happy 4 year anniversary to Cecelia and Gabe!

All of my past brides will recognize this wedding as this is the wedding that I use as my "what to expect from your wedding images" wedding that I showcase when I meet with prospective clients. I also have a few images on my website! But I never actually got around to blogging this gem. Since today they are celebrating 4 years of marriage, I thought this would be a great time to feature it in my blog. It's also time to retire this as my showcase wedding as it is now... 4 years old. 

Why do I love this wedding so much? It's a Florida wedding (yes I shoot destination weddings! Ask me about my travel rates! Get me out of Pittsburgh!) but mostly because there are so many emotionally-rich moments that are just classic. Everyone should know me well enough by now to know that I love when people cry (happy tears) at weddings. I love it. I get so excited when I see people dab their eyes and struggle and ultimately fail to hold back their emotions. Whether it's the bride, groom, parent, neighbor whomever! What a beautiful way to express how much you love someone. Both Cecelia and Gabe's mothers gave me so many great tear-filled and emotional moments. This wedding also had a lot of genuine hilarious moments, too! Don't be fooled by the classic gowns and tuxedos! This couple and their bridal party knows how to have a fun time. Make sure to check out the trolley scenes and the reception! It's been 4 years and I still haven't seen such a rockin party.

I'm drawn to photographing emotion because it's a way to connect with each other and share the human experience. And also because it's a challenge! I have to be observant all the time and super stealth because as soon as I bring the camera up to my eye, people become embarrassed for being vulnerable and I get the stink eye. So the trick is to keep my head on a swivel and know when it's the perfect time to shoot the picture. 

Cecelia and Gabe, thank you for trusting me with photographing this milestone in your lives. Happy anniversary!

Vendor love:
Photographer: Erica Dietz Photography
Florist: Flowers by Fudgie
Pastries: Angelo's Italian Market & Restaurant
DJ: Fitz at Jay Goodley Entertainment
Ceremony: St. Michael the Archangel on Siesta Key
Reception: Sarasota Yacht Club



Tina and Eli's Industrial Wedding at Noah's Event Venue in Cranberry, PA

I'm gonna love you like nobody's loved you
Come rain or come shine
High as a mountain and deep as a river
Come rain or come shine

Tina and Eli were truly my ideal clients. During our in-person consultation, Tina expressed that she wanted lots of candid, unposed photos during her wedding at Noah's Event Venue located in Cranberry, PA. Sure, people say that all the time but Tina and Eli's wedding was practically a goldmine for great moments. I'm not sure if I had so much success at capturing so many moments at this wedding because I already knew half of the bridal party--and probably half of the guests--or if everyone was genuinely so much fun to be around. Considering that I went to high school with Tina and most of the bridal party, I can confirm that yes, Tina and pretty much everyone there was an absolute blast to be around! And judging by the size of their guest list, everyone else agrees too.

Tina loved the industrial details at Noah's Event Venue, including the Edison lights and brick details which complimented the color of her bridesmaid's dresses from Azazie so beautifully. Men's Warehouse had the guys looking sharp. The videographer with FineLine was great to work with, and DJ Mike Dunn kept the dance floor packed. Banquets Unlimited was soooo delicious--another wedding with fantastic mac and cheese! Tina's sweet friend Shawna Sardone arranged the florals and blooms.

And special shout out to my second shooter Lou Ruediger! He captured one of my favorite unpredictable moments of the year: the moment that Tina was waiting to walk down the aisle but decided to take a quick last minute shot at the bar! I am so jealous! This was the perfect example of why adding a second photographer to your budget is SO IMPORTANT to get proper coverage of your wedding day--I was positioned next to Eli and if it wasn't for Lou, the moment wouldn't have been documented. And also! Shout out for scouting out THE MOST KILLER LOCATION for Tina and Eli's sunset location. Those golden hour photos are still some of my favorites from this wedding season. Plenty of Lou's photos are scattered in the post below. 

Tina, wow, you looked STUNNING! Congratulations and thank you for inviting me to document your day. 

Vendor guide:
Photographer: Erica Dietz Photography
Second Photographer: Lou Ruediger
Venue: Noah's Event Venue
Videography: FineLine Weddings
DJ: Mike Dunn
Caterer: Banquets Unlimited
Tuxes: Men's Wearhouse
Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie
Florist: Shawna Sardone :)



Becca and Ben's Pittsburgh Bridges & North Shore Engagement Session

I've photographed people on these yellow bridges so many times that I've lost count!

I can understand why--they're big and bold and yellow. They're a beautiful symbol of connection and trust that makes it a perfect metaphor for engagement photos. They're a true Pittsburgh classic. And! They're a great alternative for Mount Washington when clients want photos of the Pittsburgh skyline.

There aren't too many couples that had the type of connection that Becca and Ben have. I loved the way Ben could turn Becca's smile into the best happy expression I've ever seen. Her entire face lights up when she laughs which made it a complete dream to photograph their Pittsburgh engagement session.

Becca, you're positively gorgeous. I CANNOT wait for your wedding this weekend!


Alicia and Matt's Backyard Leechburg Wedding

When the rain is blowing in your face
And the whole world is on your case
I could offer you a warm embrace
To make you feel my love

Well this wedding was certainly a surprise. When I hear the words "backyard wedding", the first word I tend to think first is never "sophisticated" but wow! The decor by All About Reclaimed, All Occasions, and Classic Tent Rental truly set a high-end ambiance while still maintaining an intimate backyard rustic atmosphere. DJ Scottro kept the guests grooving all night. The Pittsburgh Camper Booth had everyone smiling. The bbq style food by Butler Hot Dog Shoppe had me standing in line for seconds. That mac and cheese I CAN'T EVEN! The florals from Leechburg Floral had blooms that were so gorgeous. And of course there were like 20 different types of pie! My second photographer Pamela did an amazing job at being the eyes in the back of my head. It was even her suggestion to suggest to Alicia and Matt that they would have their first dance out in the open space in front of the view. And the view! Oh the view was just breathtaking. I couldn't believe such a gem was hidden in the tiny town of Leechburg. It was perfect for a wedding reception.

But you know what really brought everything together? Alicia and Matt. I loved the way they loved each other. Every couple shows affection differently, and there isn't a wrong way to do it, but Alicia and Matt were the sweetest to watch as they checked in on each other throughout the day. Whether it was Matt holding Alicia's bouquet as she held her gown, exchanging glances, or watching them hold each other up as they took a spinning twirl a bit too fast. 

Alicia, you were absolutely breathtaking. Thank you for this opportunity to document your wedding.

Vendor love:
Photographer: Erica Dietz Photography
Second Photographer: Pamela Marie Photography
Food: Butler Hot Dog Shoppe
Florist: Leechburg Floral
Tent Rental: Classic Tent Rental
Chairs and Covers: All Occasions
Decor Rental: All About Reclaimed by Jeff Double
Photo Booth: Pittsburgh Camper Booth
DJ: DJ Scottro of Modern Era Weddings

Alyssa and Eric's Field Engagement Session

"Will you stay with me, will you be my love
Among the fields of barley
We'll forget the sun in his jealous sky
As we lie in fields of gold"

Alyssa's only requirement for her engagement session was that it was at a field. As someone who grew up basically in the country, and currently living 5 minutes from a farm in any direction, and as a photographer who never stops lusting for the perfect field for photoshoots, I have pretty high standards for fields. Alyssa kept asking for an address for our location and I kept stalling because I knew that I was going to find the perfect field right in front of my face. I didn't want to pick a location too soon and then show up to a mowed field. Then one day, I was delivering photo products to a client when I saw the most perfect field across from her house. And wouldn't you know it but the land owner started mowing the field right as we walked up to it. Oh that's the worst! I asked if we could delay his task so that they could get the dreamiest location for their backdrop and he obliged.

The light was perfect and golden and beautiful for Alyssa and Eric's engagement session. Combine these elements with the sweetest couple and we ended up with some absolutely incredible images and had a great time.

Alyssa and Eric, I cannot wait for your wedding next month!


Amanda and Jesse's Indiana, PA Wedding

"You know
I wish that I had Jessie's girl
I wish that I had Jessie's girl
Where can I find a woman like that"

Even as I was still photographing this wedding, I KNEW it was going to be a special one.

The details were on point--soft pink gowns, lace details, navy suits, and gold glitter--but it was the bride and groom's connection with their loved ones that brought the magic. There was so much laughter and joy throughout the day--it was impossible for me to not get caught up in it myself. I photographed Amanda and her ladies as they prepared for their day while getting glammed up by Gabbi Miller of Bella Spa and Beauty. Meanwhile, my second photographer Brian Henry of Evermark Studios did an incredible job documenting Jesse and the guys as they casually finished getting ready before heading to the ceremony. My favorite series of images from the day were taken by Brian with his entire series of photos featuring the many MANY different faces of Amanda's nephew, Mitchell. I can't even handle it. Mitchell is quite used to being photographed by his mother and my friend, Becca, who is also a photographer. 

The most touching part of the day, however, was a somber moment when Amanda wanted pay her respects at her father's gravesite with her new husband and her two sisters. That moment quickly went from a moment of silence to laughter as they discovered the red geraniums that Becca had planted the week prior had lost every single one of the petals! Make sure to look for the stems in the detail shot of Amanda's bouquet and a Coors Light resting against the headstone. After they shared a beer together, we headed to the Indiana Country Club for their kick ass reception lead by DJ Digital Dave. The best part of the reception was watching Jesse and Amanda dance to "Jessie's Girl" by Rick Springfield!

Thank you, Amanda and Jesse, for the opportunity to document your special day. 

Vendor love:
Photographer- Erica Dietz Photography
Second Photographer- Brian Henry of Evermark Studios
Florals- Indiana Floral & Flower Boutique
DJ- DJ Digital Dave
Venue- Indiana Country Club
Wedding gown- Bridal Beginnings
Bridesmaid dresses- MB Bride
Hair- Cameron's Salon
Makeup- Bella Spa and Beauty
Accessories- White Lace Bridal