Hi! I'm Erica...

I enrolled in college as a young artist where I learned how to create and critique art, which would later become the foundation for my photography career. After graduating, I took on an internship as a photojournalist at The Valley News Dispatch--now known as Trib Total Media--where I fell in love with visual storytelling. After working for newspapers for 8 years and shooting weddings on the weekends, I am pleased to say that I am documenting weddings and portraiture full time. 

My appreciation for art taught me composition and awareness to light, and the skills I developed as a photojournalist trained me to document candid moments with ease and dignity. I combine these elements in fun ways to coach you and capture your personalities--not poses. 

I reside in Cabot, Pennsylvania near Saxonburg but I am willing to travel to document your milestone event, whatever it may be.